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                                        Listen to Music

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                       Make this holiday season memorable! 
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         Send Someone Special A Letter From Santa.


        Christmas will be here before you know it.
          You can avoid the rush by ordering now, and your
         letter will be mailed on December 10th.
   Your letter will arrive just in time for Christmas.
We're happy to personalize your letter and help Santa send the
perfect holiday message for only $5.00. The letters are written
on colorful holiday stationery, and your child will be thrilled.
There is no age limit to whom you may send a personalized
letter from Santa (child, spouse, or anyone special ).


Just fill out the order form (or write the information on a sheet of paper)
and include any special message that you want added to the letter.   Mail
the information and your payment to:
Your Name
Your Address 
Your City, State,Zip
Your Email Address  
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                                  Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!


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